Monday, November 30, 2015

Consulate Day!

We had our consulate appointment today!  There are no pictures from that as you are not allowed to take any electronics inside.  We were there with 10 other families, but we were the only one from our agency.  We found out that we might not have been the worst off in Beijing.  There were other families that were on the plane for 11 hours before they were finally allowed to take off.

Thanks to the organization of our agency and facilitator everything went through without any issues.  Hopefully as long as there are no system issues we should get Hailey's Visa tomorrow!  We are scheduled to leave the country on Thursday and we are ready.

So after we got back we took a trip to the AEON for Diapers and a few other things.  We ended up at McDonalds again.  I am so tired of fast food!  So later I had Jim scout out some new dinner places.  He will add some pictures from his adventure later.

(Jim here) I followed my instructions to find some real food.  I went down and spoke to the tattooed concierge.  He gave me a map of local food joints within walking distance!  Why did I not ask for this earlier??  I dutifully took it up to show Cora my prize.  We discussed it, did a little internet research (Hey! We ARE 1990s kids, we know the Google.) and decided on The Paddy Field, and Irish Bar and Restaraunt.
Being the responsible soul I am, I decided, with Cora's approval, that I should go reconnoiter the premises.  You know, just to make sure it was a good place to eat.  Well, I got there and saw that they had some good Irish stout on tap, and being as this was a trip to verify the excellence of this establishment, I figured I should probably see if they had good beer.  You know, as a responsible husband, I mean, what if the beer was bad?  Wouldn't want to bring my family to such a place.  Best to verify.

So, much as I don't enjoy beer, I threw myself upon the sword of Murphy's Irish Stout.  What a punishment.  But, all in the name of love.
 Mmm-mmmm, LOVE!
After verifying the beer was edible, I decided to take a right upon exiting the little mall the bar was in, instead of a left.  my route took me through a very quiet neighborhood.  It was awesome.  I ended up going around the back way.  I saw some really cool things.  I had my camera...obviously.

I love street photography.  I wish I could have the opportunity to do it more.

(Jim is done here)

He found an Irish pub that was really pretty good.  I had Chicken Cordon Blue, Jim had Chicken Kiev and Chloe had Spaghetti...not sure how Irish it was but I ate it with a Guinness so that makes everything Irish right?

Hailey on the other hand decided she was going to take a nap and nothing we did could wake this Child up.  She LOVES her sleep.  She does sleep with her eyes slightly open, we have been told it is a side effect of her surgery but we will figure it all out when we get home.

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