Sunday, November 29, 2015

Shamian Island

 We took a trip to Shamian Island yesterday to do some shopping.  Last time we stayed ON the island.  The prices were pretty good last time, but this time, they were a bit more spending.  Our guide said that the economy is changing here as well as everywhere else.  Jobs are leaving, and things get more expensive.  Such is life I suppose.
 Chloe was exquisitely homesick, and didn't bother to hide it one bit.  I think we were all miserable by the time we got back to the hotel.

 The island remains a photographer's dream, although, weeding other photographers and people out of the photos has got to be a nightmare.  I chose to not bother trying to keep people out.

 The other family we came with have a little girl who cannot see...Chloe and she seemed to get along pretty well, even with the language barrier.  It was one of the few quiet times for Chloe.

 This was one of the few smiles we got from Chloe, and it was at the beginning.
 Above is the pearl market.

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