Saturday, November 21, 2015

Just a Taster

 Because the connection is spotty, and it is 4AM here, I am just going to make a short post.  This was our Friday.  Saturday we went to te Great Wall in the snow.  Chloe had a good time at the Wall, but didn't enjoy the Forbidden City quite as much.  (Too much walking for her short little legs, and add to that jetlag...yeah, we didn't enjoy Friday quite as much)

 She did better on the Hutong Tour.  She liked riding behind the poor guy that had to pull our butts around the alleys and lanes.
 Hoh Hai? If my spotty memory serves correctly.
Today is Sunday morning for us.  Back at home it's the middle of Saturday.  We fly out to Guangzhou this afternoon.  Tomorrow we meet Hailey.  I cannot wait! (Jimh)

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