Tuesday, December 1, 2015


 We have always, as a family, wanted to see pandas.  Finally, we have. (Jim here)

Yesterday we went to the Guangzhou Safari Park.  We went with a couple families.  Below is one of the new additions to one of those families.  He kept pointing out trucks and cool things he was interested in.  He and I had some fun pointing things out and teasing each other.

 Chloe did well.  She enjoyed the animals and a little extra time with whichever parent she wanted.

 We saw a startling variety and number of animals.  There were at least six Rhinos.

 I was surprised to find Dinosaurs...didn't realize genetic engineering had come so far.

 This Zoo was different from others I have been to in that some of the animals were allowed some interaction with the people.  There were some adolescent orangutans playing above the crown, and some black monkeys I don't remember the name for and am too lazy to look up.

 Below is our friend Jill, she and Benjamin accompanied us around the rather large park.  Four hours is NOT enough to do it justice.

 The park had at least 28 tigers by my count, and that's not counting any other tigers we just didn't see.  The white tigers put on a show every half hour...where they jumped for chicken.  It was impressive, they are such large cats, and yet pretty bouncy.

 Another thing was the up-close and personal Giraffe experience.  You could buy a sprig of leaves and feed the giraffes...and by my count there had to be about 15 to 20 giraffes at the park.

 Benjamin got in on the act, too!

 Finally, we got to see the pandas!

 If an animal couldd be MORE at ease with their place in life, I'm not certain it exists.,

 The pandas were awesome.  They were very expressive.  Something about their eyes just said so much.  They seem like playful beasts, and I kinda want one for a pet!

It was a long day, particularly for the girls.  Hailey was beat!  And she didn't walk a bit.

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