Sunday, November 22, 2015

Langham, Beijing

Hunkering down in the penthouse level of a 5 star hotel today.  The only room we could find in Beijing last night.  Flight is rescheduled for tomorrow morning.  This was definitely not in our budget but you do what you have to do! And thank God for credit cards! Talked to our adoption facilitator this morning & he said we will get Hailey tomorrow afternoon.  We won't know until Wednesday if this changes our Consulate appointment.  
Earlier we took advantage of the complimentary breakfast which made us feel like movie stars.  Now, Chloe is having fun playing big time executive, and Jim is currently enjoying the enormous bath tub (sorry no pictures 😀). Later we plan on relaxing with room service maybe a nap.  After yesterday we deserve a little luxury since we really have no choice.  

A few pictures from yesterday!
Chloe got a bit of a nap.
Thank goodness for electronic entertainment.  
Baggage claim was insane!

(Last night at midnight)

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