Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tuesday and Wednesday from My Camera's Perspective

 This is the view from our room Monday evening.  It was quite a spendy room, but after subjecting our tooshies to cold marble floors and airline seats on Sunday, we felt we had somehow earned it.
This is a view of the crowds before they decided to "line-up."
 See how darned cold it was in Beijing?
 This is Chloe doing very well between two strangers...well, the other had gone to the restroom, but you get the gist.
 This is the view out the window as we descended to Guangzhou.

 Here we see Chloe leading us through the airport to baggage claim.
 Above you see the baggage claim...little did we know that in just an hour we would meet the fourth Huffman!
 Chloe carrying her sister's lovey.  And below is our first view of Hailey, who was none too pleased about anything at the time.

 "I came all the way to see you, and THIS is all you have for me?!"

 You can't tell from the picture, but at the time she really seemed to prefer me, which came as a frightening surprise.
 Fortunately for us all, she came to see Cora as a not-so-bad person.
 And, perhaps more comforting than Dad is built to be...
 This morning it was all about signing papers...BTW, she is OURS!!

Chloe kept herself amused in the playroom.  She taught imaginary classes Spanish.
 We had some free time before we had to apply for Hailey's Passport, so we went for a walk in the Garden Hotel's
 Hailey enjoys the outdoors, but not Dad's camera so much.
 Still, it's been a good day!
Being a family of four seems to be right.

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