Friday, September 4, 2015


It finally happened Chloe started Kinder this week.  She is in the dual language program where she will learn Spanish along with English.  I know she will do great, I wish we lived in a better area for her to learn Chinese but any opportunity to learn a second language is amazing.

She absolutely loves it!  She was a little nervous to start but once she got there she had her backpack put away and was saying "bye mom" before I could even blink.

Her newest thing is to say guess what before she tells you anything.  She got home from her first day and she had to head straight to gymnastics I picked her up from gymnastics and she constantly chattered all the way home, then I hear "And Guess What? I want to go back tomorrow!" She is amazing!

Walking to school from Nana's with Mom


  1. So thankful Chloe's transition went so well! Such a blessing to be learning a second language and I'm realizing just how much of a sponge our little girls are!