Sunday, September 20, 2015

Busy Saturday

Yesterday, we had a pretty busy day.  No busy-ness was planned it just needed to be done.  

First off Birthday Party Maddness - We have had a few things going on lately so Chloe's Birthday party has taken a back burner.  So yesterday Chloe and I set out to plan a party.  We were able to reserve the room at the local pizza place, get some My Little Pony Birthday stuff and order a cake! Then in the lazy mom way I texted most people to let them know and created a Facebook event for the rest.  
I remember Chloe's first Birthday home it was HUGE!  I had all the decorations just perfect ordered her a special outfit, invited everyone with homemade invitations, had a menu and prepared the food, ordered balloon bouquets all several weeks in advance.  It's all gone down hill from there.  Oh well what I have learned in the end she is happy and that is all that matters.

While Chloe and I were running the errands, Jim had a project of his own.  We have a VERY small kitchen and there is really no room to store our dry food items.  So years ago we bought these armoires from Shopko to put our food in.  They have done a decent job but they were not meant to hold heavy items so after years of use they were ready to die.  We didn't feel having less than stable furniture was a good idea with a toddler coming into the house so we bought a pantry.  Like a real pantry, one that is meant to hold can goods.  
It was delivered Friday so Jim spent the day putting it in.  It was a pretty big project but we are so happy with it!

After the errands and while Jim was still working on the pantry, Chloe and I decided to re-arrange her room to make room for the crib!  It was a challenge but we did it.  I don't think you can fit any more furniture in that room but we did it!!  An added bonus Chloe likes it!  It was then my challenge to put the crib back together.  It only took 3 tries!  Jim helped with getting it out of storage and some of the more difficult furniture moves and attaching everything to the wall.  

All in all a very productive day!

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