Friday, September 18, 2015

Going Back

We are so excited to be going back to China.  We hope to be there in November to pick up Little Miss the Second!  Things have changed since we adopted Chloe and we can't post specific details until she is truly part of the O'Huffman clan.  However, she is already so loved we can not wait to meet this little one. The process has changed a lot too.  We have steps that we didn't have before so sometimes I feel a little lost and I'm not sure how close we really are.

Chloe is also excited about seeing China now that she will be able to remember it.  We talk about our time in China all time but now she will walk the Great Wall for herself! I am so excited for her. We get mixed reactions when people find out we are taking Chloe with us but I could not do it any other way.  Would it be an easier trip without a 6 year old, perhaps, but we can not deny her this opportunity to be a part of building our family.

I am so excited to begin the next chapter.

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  1. WooooHoooo Cant wait to see & hear more about the trip. Chloe is going to have fun, what an exciting opportunity for all <3