Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Loving School

Chloe is loving school.  She only had 2 days last week and was so bummed, this week she is going all week (except Labor day) and every day she asks "Can I go back tomorrow?!"

They use a color system for behavior so green is good, yellow is a little bad, red is bad and blue is really bad.  I might be missing a color or too but you get the picture.  Apparently Chloe said something inappropriate yesterday, I am still a little confused by what was said but whatever it was the teacher decided to briefly change her color to yellow.  So we had a big talk about what happens if you come home with a naughty color.  I told her that if I ever hear that she was on red or blue she will be in bigger trouble at home.  I explained that she would loose all privileges, no TV, no desert, no Kindle or Innotab, no going to friends know the things that are supposed to make kids cringe and promise to be good.  She looked at me all serious and said "Can I still go to school?"  I told yes you will still go to school.  She smiled as big as can be and said "Well, that's ok then as long as you don't take away school"      

What are we going to do with this girl?

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