Saturday, September 5, 2015

Impromptu Girl Time

The plan today was to clean the house.  As all great plans go things got changed.  I hurt my back in some unknown way and there was no way I was going to be able to do all the bending needed to clean.  So Chloe and I headed to the far away Wal-Mart and left Jim at home to have his own fun.  We got what we need at Wal-Mart, plus a bunch of stuff we didn't need.  Since it was lunch time and walking through the grocery section it became increasingly obvious that we were hungry we headed to Panda Express on the other side of the parking lot, Chloe's choice.  

It was a fun time to spend with my girl and I never realized it would be so educational.  They had a TV screen set up that showed pictures and facts about China.  Chloe made a list of all the cool things she wants to see when we got to China.  I believe the list included, a real panda, the Great Wall, "herbidden" City, and a Dragon dance.  She really enjoyed it and so did I.  I really can't wait to show her China.

I also worked on skirts for school for her.  We did very little school shopping this year in, trying to save money.  So I decided I have lots of fabric I will make her some skirts.  So far I have made her 5 and they are so easy.  I have also discovered a new found love of bias tape!  Makes the hem so easy and makes a great boarder, so cute. 

All the skirts.

Modeling the Rainbow Dash skirt in her best shoes!

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