Sunday, March 15, 2015

New Dress

Since we seem to be having an early spring and I wanted a little project I decided to make Chloe a new dress.  I saw it on Pintrest and I thought I could do that, plus Chloe has been really into rainbows lately.  I love it!  It was so much fun, from picking out the fabric to putting it all together.  

It was a little Chilly this evening for the photos but she was a trooper and I had a coat waiting for as soon as the twirling was over. 

 She loves the way it twirls and so do I.  

And finally a curtsy!
And proof I was waiting with the warm jacket.   

Great weekend with my family! 


  1. I love weekends with my girls! You have such a talent for creating beautiful dresses!

  2. Mom sewed and Chloe went visiting with Banana (Chloe's name for Nana) They came to visit me, the great grandma. I don't think she named me yet.