Sunday, September 27, 2015

Birthday Weekend

Chloe turned 6 today!  Today she woke up super excited to be 6! It has been a whole weekend full of fun events.  

We started on Friday with a movie in the park.  Chloe found a friend from School that we sat with she has made several friends and it is nice to actually meet a few of them and their parents.

Saturday morning Chloe had cheer camp, she had a blast.  She get to preform at 1/2 time in next weeks football game.  We ended up at lunch and Chloe ended up taking a much needed nap.  After nap we watched Cinderella the new one.  I am absolutely in love with that movie and I think Chloe likes it.

This was after I had to leave Costco and let Jim finish the shopping because someone needed a nap! 

She thinks Jim's old iphone should be her's it is a little amusing.

Her party was at 2 at the local pizza place.  It was just family this year which turned out to be very nice.

Jim painted this for pin the tail on Rainbow Dash, it was Awesome!

She got a ton of My Little Ponies stuff and other fun things and she has been playing ever since we got home.    

We also said goodbye to Jim's sister and her family as they will be moving to Texas for the next part of their adventure in life.  I barely made it with out crying, Ok, Chloe and I cried a little after they left.  I know we don't we each other very often especially during the summer but it has always been comforting to know they are close.  They will do well in Texas but I selfishly hope they find a reason to find their way back to Washington, soon.    


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