Friday, December 4, 2015

Some Pictures from Our Last Days in China

 We didn't do too much the last few days in China.  We did visit the memorial to Sun Yat Sen and the Temple of Six Banyan Trees.  The Memorial was a large auditorium...not much to look at, really.

The Temple happened to be under least there were some monks to look at.

 Chloe really liked having noodles for breakfast...see that smile?

 Our trip began at 6:30am, when we got in a van to drive to Hong Kong.  At 9:15AM we were in the airport in Hong Kong.  We took off at noon, and arrived in Seattle just midnight China time, we made it through customs at Midnight (9AM Seattle ).  Then we needed to wait around until 3:40PM Seattle time, that's almost 8AM China time.  We made it to Yakima and to Costco for milk and a few easy dinners.  By the time we get home and everyone got showered and into bed we'd been up nearly 30 hours.

 Hailey hanging out in the window in Hong Kong Airport.

 This is how our stuff looked at the gate in Seattle...Hailey is on the seat between Cora and Chloe.

What a day!

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