Monday, August 15, 2016

Coming Home

Well we survived one week at home, more about that later.  We are so thankful to be home.  The trip home was not fun but it had to be done so we just did it.  We got up at 5 am to get a 6 am breakfast and a 6:30 van to Hong Kong.   I must say that the van ride was much better than the train we took last time.  We hit our first immigration check point into Hong Kong at 8 am.  We got to the airport about 9 am, our flight was at 1:15.  We waited for the check in counter to open and got all checked in and headed for some food and to wait by our gate.  The Hong Kong Airport is BIG thank goodness for good signage in English! We found a play area near our gate and let the girls play a bit before our flight which contrary to the rest of the trip was running early and was scheduled to leave at 1255!  Woo Hoo!!  We got on the plane and even got someone to trade Jim seats so we could sit together. Then before take off the pilot announce that our 12 hour flight was actually 11 hours!  So far so good.  But then as you can imagine or maybe you can't and if you can't I suggest you keep it that way, we started feeling the pressure of 2 adults traveling on a 11 hour flight with 2 children.

I won't go too far into the UGLY of the trip but it was not something I really wish to repeat.  Hailey had never slept any where but in a crib and Chloe just really wanted to be home.  It was a turbulent ride with several time we were not allowed to get out of our seats and every time that happened Chloe needed to use the facilities. Every hour that went by was a milestone that we celebrated.    We made it to Seattle and it was the best feeling ever but to say we were all a hot smelly mess would be an understatement.  We literally stunk!  I forgot to pack an extra pair of pants for me and we had been peed on by a leak diaper, spit up on and were just hot and sweaty.  But other than pants we found the nearest bathroom after customs and changed.  We then had to go back through security and another passport check.  I had to take off my shoes...IT WAS NOT A GOOD THING!!  But somehow no one passed out or threw up, I count that in the miracle.

We then had a long lay over in Seattle but we used to time to eat, play in the play room, and just relax not on a plane. We caught our plane to Yakima which was the roughest flight I had ever been on and Chloe slept through it all.  It was be the best feeling ever to land in Yakima.

My parents decided to pick us up at the airport and I am so happy they did.  It was a very long day and we were really tired.  Chloe woke up pretty quick when she discovered that her Banana and Poppy Seed were there.  She ran to my Mom and Dad, she really missed them, 15 days was too long for her 6 year old heart to stay away from the people and places she loves.

We then made a quick stop at Costco for some comfort food and milk so Chloe could have her precious hot milk.  We then made it home and after that I have to say that my memory starts to fade a little.  I guess that is what being awake for over 30 hours does to my poor brain but we survived the trip home and being home is a huge part of really feeling like a family.  

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