Friday, January 23, 2015

What Do You Want to Be?

Chloe blew the other Mom's away at dance class last night.  I was a little annoyed with all the "how much hair did your kid have when she was born" talk, they know they are leaving me out and it is a bit rude since the girls are 5 it doesn't really matter any more.  So when one of them stated that her daughter drains the battery on their tablet by watching people open packages of toys on youtube.  I took the opportunity to tell them that Chloe prefers hospital tours and videos about medical procedures, which she does.  I know it was petty but the kids were in the other room and they started it.  So one mom says "Well, maybe she'll be a doctor", I said "She actually wants to be an anesthesiologist."

That might of dropped a few jaws.  She really wants to be an anesthesiologist.  She has always wanted to be a doctor since she could talk but when she was 3 she specialized and she has not gone back.  I made the mistake not to long ago of looking at a picture Chloe had drawn and telling her that it was beautiful and maybe she could be an artist someday.  She got all serious and said "No Mom, don't you remember I am going to be an anesthesiologist"  I think she lost all hope for my IQ that day since I couldn't remember that simple fact.  It is not just a word she says either she really knows  what they do and why she wants to be one.  She devours any medical knowledge she can get.  She hates it when we go to the doctor without her since she can not quiz the doctor on all things medical.  I had the flu on Christmas and we all ended  up at the local urgent care after opening up gifts, she was so excited that the nurse used a pulse-oximeter (excuse me if I can't spell these things).  The nurse could not believe the terminology that was coming out of this 5 year old's month.  Jim and I recently went in for physicals and need blood drawn, Chloe went with us,  She came away with a rubber tie thing, cotton swabs, 2 vacuum blood vial things, gloves and the knowledge of what a phlebotomist  does.

So the other mom's had no idea what their daughters wanted to be when they grew up.  They are 5 it doesn't matter and in most cases will change 10 times in the next 10 years and that's fine.  However, when the girls got out of class that was the first thing they asked them was "what do you want to be when you grow up?"  Of course the answer was typical 5 year old one wanted to be a mommy, another a My Little Pony and the other had no idea.  Chloe was dying to chime in since she KNOWS what she wants to be.  She was practically stuttering, "hey hey hey ask me!"  So of course they asked and she told them.  I don't think the believed me but they believed her.  She said "I want to be an anesthesiologist, you know why? Because anesthesiologists help people feel comfortable and go to sleep when someone is going to have surgery and that is really important but they are all a part of a big team of doctors and nurses that help you get better when you need surgery."  She's awesome!


  1. Get your wallet out!!
    Start a medical school savings because one isn't going away.