Thursday, December 19, 2013

Santa Again

Chloe and I went out to shop for Jim for Christmas and we couldn't resist seeing Santa again. I couldn't resist the second picture!  She insisted on being Action Ladybug Girl.  Santa called her a bumble bee he so enjoys teasing her.  He then asked her what she wanted for Christmas to which she replied "Santa, I told you the last time I was here that I wanted a cashister (cash register)"  She was a little worried about his memory.  I explained to her that is why Santa needs letters and keeps list, it is hard to remember what every one wants.
Later after a pretzel and a drink we walked by Hallmark.  She wanted to go in and look at Jingle and Bell I thought it was harmless but I had to carry her out of the store sobbing.  She was so worried that Santa would not remember that she wanted Jingle and Bell.  I have a feeling that Santa is going to remember.

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