Sunday, January 5, 2014

Baby Dollies

Chloe calls all of her dolls, baby dollies.  But she is starting to give them names.  For Christmas Jim and I gave her a big heavy baby like the ones she loves to play with at Nana's.  She picked it out from the website without know that it was what she was getting for Christmas.  She wanted the dark skinned, dark haired baby with an open mouth.  When she opened the doll I asked what she wanted to name her and she said "Baby Chloe, because she looks like me"  Grandma Lemaster also got her a big baby this one is lighter skinned and bald.  She named this one BB, I have no idea why but it has stuck.  They are both the same size and they both fit new born baby clothes.  Today I found a some clothes on clearance and Chloe just had to have a couple new outfits for Baby Chloe and BB.
Chloe got the girls dressed and then asked that I take a few pictures of them together. Love this girl!

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  1. A girl and her dolls. Yes, baby Chloe looks like Chloe. Love the pictures.